This is one of the most common support issues we face, so it’s worthwhile exploring a few solutions.
Usually, the server is working fine and the issue can be traced to one of a number of other gremlins.

So, how do we figure out exactly what has gone wrong?

  • Warning- if you use the wrong username and password combo too many times, or other reasons– the server may ban you. So even if you get the credentials correct, you still won’t be able to log on! Don’t just guess passwords- look them up using Keychain Access

Step 1. First thing is to reboot your computer and check Mail again. Still not working?
Step 2. Check that you have internet/ web access. All good?
Step 3. Next test is to log in to webmail. If this works then you have a problem with your email client setup (Apple Mail, Outlook etc.). If it doesn’t work then you are probably using the wrong credentials….

Test the username and password combo by logging in to webmail- here is how to do that-

In your web browser, go to
-using your own domain details of course!

eg. if your domain name is, your webmail address would be


You should get a screen that looks like this-

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.07.59 am

log in using your FULL email address (not just username or prefix) and password for the account you are checking.

Step 4. If you can’t get to the webmail login screen– you have problem with the mail server name, or perhaps your IP has been banned. Check your details again. If those details are correct, try turning OFF WiFi on your phone and try to log on to webmail on your phone. Turning WiFi off will put you on the carriers network, so you won’t be appearing from the banned IP address if your IP has been banned. If this tells you that your IP has been banned, go to step 7

Step 5. If you can get to the login screen but can’t log in– you have a problem with the username or password. Try another account, a test account or set up a new account (details below). It’s really common for people to forget the correct password and try using one that is years old- check, check and check again!

Step 6. If you can log in, but you can’t send mail in Apple Mail- you have a problem with the setup. Assuming the account was previously working, check this post to help you. If it’s a new account setup, go to this post – don’t forget to update the password in both incoming and outgoing mail server sections of Mail……


Still Broken?- you’ll need help from your Admin

Further help– you’re going to need the cpanel login for your company. Got it? Let’s go then…..

Step 7. Check if your IP address has been banned- Log in to Cpanel, go to Home/ Security/ IP Blocker
and check if you have been blocked. Find your own public IP address at and check against the block list. You can unblock using IP Blocker in cpanel if needed.

Step 8. Change the password of the account you are having problems with to a new, known password and test. OR set up a new email address and password to test. REMEMBER to delete this test email address or you may end up sending spam when someone guesses the weak password you used because it was ‘only temporary’!

Step 9. Contact your email host. In many cases this will be ServiceMax, so open a ticket. If you can’t use your own email, you can open a ticket using your iCloud or Gmail email address. Please let us know the results of what you have done because we are going to need to ask so we can solve the issue for you!