Often when you buy a new computer we would come onsite, transfer the data, check the apps and leave.

In this brave new world of disease, we’ve had to develop a better way, and it goes like this –

WORK WITH YOUR IT PERSON- can’t stress this enough- it’s pretty painless when done in the right sequence

  1. Buy a fast drive. Get a Samsung 1TB T5 or a T7 (even faster!)
  2. Hook it up to the old computer
  3. Format it for Mac (Servicemax can help with this)
  4. Set up Time Machine to do a backup to this drive (Servicemax can help with this)

{ Wait for many hours}

  1. Don’t unpack your new machine until you’re ready to transfer!
  2. When ready, do one last Time Machine backup on the old machine, make sure all apps and documents are closed
  3. Unpack your new machine
  4. Plug the backup drive in
  5. Start setting up, and when it offers to import from another machine or Time Machine backup, let it!

{Wait for many hours}

  1. Machine will reboot and tell you when ready
  2. Use the supplied link to install the Servicemax software
  3. Let your tech login to activate your software
  4. DONE!