This is a bit of a crappy tip because it’s so obvious, but all the other walkthroughs either wouldn’t bring across passwords or looked really complicated! There wasn’t anything online with specifics, so here we go-

If you want to move an LDAP Server from one Synology unit to another without replacing the entire DSM and associated bits, do this-

  1. Make a backup of the existing LDAP database


2. Download the backup to your computer- it’s a .zip file

3. Extract the contents- you’ll end up with a folder containing a file called ‘last_time’ and the database we want called- synoldap_date.sbk

4. Go to your new Synology unit, install the LDAP Server package and you may have to set it up as a Server (you can make up the details)

5. Go to the ‘Backup and Restore’ section. Click ‘Configure’ to set a new backup location

5. Still in the ‘Backup and Restore’ section, under ‘Restore’ click browse, upload your .sbk file and then click ‘Restore’

Check that everything has transferred and you are done!