Here’s some interesting info- there are 2 versions of Academic Editions for CS5.

The Education version is for use in institutions like schools and registered training facilities.

The Student edition is for well, students! So what’s the difference?

The Education version is more expensive, only available to registered training institutions and includes a serial number. The Student version is significantly cheaper, is restricted to Students, Faculty and Staff and does not include a serial number. You have to buy the product and apple for a serial number from Adobe, who will check the evidence that you really do qualify, and issue a serial number if they are satisfied. These are normally not returnable, so make sure you buy the right version!

Lets have a look at some retail pricing

Creative Suite 5 Design Premium

Full retail product $3175 RRP

Education version $934 RRP

Student Version $402 RRP

You can save a lot if you qualify! For more information, please contact us by email here or call 02 8197 0333