This product used to be known as Adware Medic but has recently been acquired by Malwarebytes. They now have a free home use version and several different paid products for business. I used the home version to test.

I don’t currently use antivirus on my machine- Sophos was the last product used but it was removed when it went crazy around the time that Yosemite was introduced. I mostly rely on my good sense to stop bad things getting on my computer, with the knowledge that I am well backed up and can restore easily if I really cack things up.

So, had I allowed any nasty things to get on my computer? Let’s find out-  The software downloaded very quickly and I set the scan up. It completed in just a couple of minutes- and found 2 things!

One was a Safari extension named for a FaceBook photo function. Easy to remove, but I’m a bit worried about how it got there?
The other was an adware plugin for Firefox which was more evil- it required me to delete Firefox and my identity folder. No big deal as I don’t use Firefox much and it’s easy to re install. Also I’m less concerned about that one because that Firefox has been around for a long time and I could have done something dumb back in the dark ages- I actually downloaded a toolbar once. Ergh.

There was a clickable link on the Firefox malware with an extra explanation of what was going on and detailed instructions on how to remove it.

I like well designed software, that does what it says and is well documented. Two thumbs up.


Have a try of the free product here