I ordered one of these because I spend a lot of time in the car, on the phone, and on the phone in the car. I’ve gone through about 5 bluetooth earpieces, and was despairing that I could get something that worked, and simply.


It’s great. I tried turning it off and on every time I left the car to conserve batteries, and the charge lasted about 6 weeks. I left it on all the time, and the charge lasted about 6 weeks. How? It has a feature where if it goes to sleep, and you get into the car a motion sensor will wake it up and it will search for the phone.

It gives you clear verbal instructions about what it is doing, however the English and American voices are very close! It reads out the name of the caller (if they are named in your phone book) and makes a good job of not mangling most names. It has voice control so if a call comes in you can wait for the beep after it announces the caller and you say ‘answer’ it will connect the call.


It is supplied with an AC adaptor, car charger and 2 visor mounts. The unit is magnetic so you can put the visor mount in 2 cars and move the unit easily.

Overall I love the Supertooth 3 and it has earned its place in my ‘essentials’ kit. They cost $149 inc GST and are available from Buymax on 02 8197 0333

*Please note the version we supply has a programmable button which is preconfigured to Telstra’s 1234 service, so if you push it and you aren’t on Telstra’s network, it probably won’t do anything!