If you simply need to connect an ethernet device to the internet via wifi, these are a great little unit. But it took me ages to work out how because most of the internet instructions are all about creating a bridge between 2 wifi networks. So here it is-

Plug the Airgateway in and wait for it to boot

Connect to the ‘www.ubnt.com’ SSID, no password

Open a web browser and go to

Use the credentials ubnt/ubnt to log in

Cancel the Wizard setup and wait for the device to be ready (this causes the wifi to turn off and on)

Go to the ‘Wireless’ tab at the top of the screen

Set the Configuration Mode to ‘Advanced’

Set the ‘Wireless mode’ to ‘Station’

Click ‘Select’ to choose the wifi network to connect to, then put the wifi password in as well

Press the ‘Change’ button (but don’t apply)

Go to the ‘System’ tab up top and click the magnifying glass to change the password. Click ‘Change’ but not apply

Go to the ‘Network’ tab across the top

Select Network mode ‘Bridge’

Click ‘Change’ and NOW click ‘Apply’

The device will reboot and in a minute or so you should be able to plug into the ethernet port and have a connection just like it was wired