We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been appointed a Telstra dealer.

This means that when the new iPhone is actually available we can sell you one……

Also if you have a laptop and work outside (or would like to) we can sell you a usb modem so you can be connected anywhere!

Now it’s a pretty popular sport to hate Telstra, but let’s face it- if you want to connect to the best network, which would you choose? Optus 3G speeds top out at 3.6mbps while Telstra just upgraded theirs to 21mbps in some areas. That’s as fast as the ADSL2+ you can get at home.

So why not give us a call? We know the phones, the devices, the network and how to hook it all up to a Mac!

Buymax ph 02 8197 0333

sales at buymax dot com dot au