Snow Leopard!

Snow Leopard!



Well, it’s finally been announced and tomorrow is the day!

If you already own Leopard, you can buy the $39 upgrade (or a $69 Family Pack),

 If you don’t, you’ll need to purchase the Box Set (which includes iLife and iWork) for $229 or a family pack Box Set for $299


Snow Leopard Server will be of interest to a few people. There is now only one version (the 10 user version is gone) and it now cost $699 for unlimited users vs $1199 for Leopard v10.5. Bargain!


Usual caveats- make a backup before you install, and if you are running a server- don’t install it for a couple of weeks! Let others be the guinea pigs……


System requirements: 1GB RAM, 5GB Hard Drive space, DVD drive for installation


If you’d like to order, please call or email. Buymax might not have stock available on Friday 28 August, but it is likely to arrive early next week. If stock does arrive on time, we’ll make every effort to get it to you on the day!