When we set up a new telephone system for you, we need to ‘port’ your existing phone numbers from the old carrier to our new carrier. These movements are administered by the ACMA, and there is a set process to follow.

It goes like this-

  1. We gather your details including a copy of a phone bill wth the numbers to be ported visible
  2. We add the porting request to the online system
  3. Our new carrier reviews the documents and if everything is ok, the request is sent to the losing carrier
  4. Port is accepted by the losing carrier
  5. Losing carrier sets a cutover date and time
  6. Port occurs automatically at the nominated date and time
  7. On completion you have full control over your number again

You get notifications at step 3, again at step 5 and that’s it!

Some things to note-

There are 2 types of port, simple and complex. Simple takes around 2 weeks and complex can take 8 weeks. If your port is rejected, we have to find out what went wrong and resubmit- this can take a considerable amount of time.

We can literally set you up instantly and have your phone calls using a new VOIP based system for outgoing calls. However due to the time it takes to port your existing numbers, you would need to forward calls from your old number to your temporary number. So you are still incurring charges from your old provider while we wait for the port to execute.

Porting may cost a significant amount! Some providers, particularly Telstra, charge for porting numbers.

If you own a 100 number range, you can’t just port the numbers you want- you have to port the whole range. You can drop the unused numbers after that.