This is a quick one that baffled me for a while-

Got an error message by email with the following content-

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/local/bin/mpanel-memory-graph", line 92, in <module>
 File "/usr/local/bin/mpanel-memory-graph", line 78, in SendUpdate
   SendUsageToStatisticsHost(bytesUsed, GetDiskUsedMegabytes(), macAddress)
 File "/usr/local/bin/mpanel-memory-graph", line 69, in SendUsageToStatisticsHost
   sock.sendto(data.encode(), (GetStatisticsHost(), GetStatisticsPort()))
socket.error: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted

This is from a VM hosted at Binary Lane, and it’s obviously about the ‘mpanel-memory-graph’ applet that shows you recent RAM and disk usage. If you Google this you’ll go down a rabbit hole and end up thinking the issue is that ‘nobody’ isn’t allowed to send emails from the system as a security measure, and maybe adding a proper address will help.

But no, it turns out that CSF has automatically upgraded itself and somehow wiped out the entry you set up for the mpanel applet. This applet needs access to a single IP address so it can update every 5 minutes.
This is documented here – I haven’t included the IP address as it may change, or you could whitelist UDP port 21000


  • Log into WHM
  • Go to CSF and open ‘Firewall Configuration’
  • Add the correct entry and add a comment about use
  • reload CSF

And you’re done!