For many years now, we’ve recycled computers for clients. You’d think the main benefit for clients is the extra space they gain, but for us it’s a multi layered benefit. We get to clean up the site for the client, make sure the data is unrecoverable, and refurbish some gear to save it from landfill and benefit someone who may not be able to afford a computer.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”—Malcolm S. Forbes.

In fact the big benefit is simply being able to help others, it gives us all a warn, fuzzy feeling.

Sadly this year has been very challenging for everyone, including people who help produce events. Our client Cyberbia is one of them. A couple of months ago they decided to shut down their main office and go ‘virtual’ to save some cash while the world deals with Covid 19. Instead of selling everything they donated a whole bunch of infrastructure for Servicemax to refurbish and donate. Boxes and boxes of iPads, iMacs, laptops and other assorted gear…

It’s an extraordinary gesture that has already benefitted single Mums, retirement homes, university students and a few broke people looking for work. It’s important to note that all of our clients do this- everyone has been working anonymously (because I haven’t asked for permission to name them!) but this donation will help a lot of people this Christmas and long into the future…

Have a look at their new events planning software Joi, if you are in the business of scheduling people and places around events – you need this.

Thank you Cyberbia and to the team including Colin Laidlaw and Tony Firth. I’ve worked with both of them for over 2 decades and plan to again when the world recovers.

Thanks for taking action to help!

Adam Connor