We’ve had a love/hate relationship with Adobe going back many years. When we sold $100k per year they were great, but as soon as we started Servicemax, we realised that they have a very different attitude towards smaller dealers.

Basically as a smaller dealer you have to buy from another dealer until you can generate enough income to deal direct with a distributor. This is different to almost any other software supplier.

Is it worthwhile to chase that status? Not in our case. Our primary goal is to establish clear distribution channels so we can help our clients get the right products at the right price, it doesn’t seem helpful when we’re asked to sell more than we feel is comfortable.

In their defence, this appears to be a strategy to stop smaller players selling at or below cost and affecting their bigger dealers, who are their bread and butter. But in their transition to cloud based operations they also seem to be cutting out those dealers…

After the latest round of price increases, one very angry guy made a list of alternatives to Adobe products. Now, most of these aren’t very polished, don’t come with support and are not industry standard, but they are cheap

So we are providing this for you to have a look… it may save you some money!