We’ve been dealing with the people from Spinifex in one form or another for nearly 20 years. As you can imagine, business, and business process has changed dramatically during that time. We’re proud to have assisted Spinifex through many of these changes. Spinifex have been very forward thinking, happy to experiment to get the best outcome, and using IT as a useful competitive tool during the good times and also during tough market conditions. We’ve been alongside them as their business has continued to grow. From a simple internet connection, to adding wireless, smartphones, shared resources and more- we’ve been there every step of the way.

From a PR, advertising and communications background, Spinifex has grown to become experts in specialist online marketing and brand curating. Angela Hinchley, director of execution at Spinifex, says: “As a small, agile agency we make sure we are surrounded by the right suppliers. Servicemax fulfils our every need in terms of IT and we couldn’t have made it into the 21st century without them”.


Some of the services we’ve been able to provide Spinifex Communications include-

1. Replacement server within 3 business hours when the existing one had a major hardware failure
2. Set up and move 72 email addresses with 15 domains with minimal disruption
3. Split services across multiple, much lower cost servers
4. Develop and implement a reliable backup plan
5. Set standard operating environment (SOE) for workstations
6. Implement network monitoring
7. Set up dual WAN internet for fallback
8. Set up bonded DSL for speed
9. Set up and later upgrade a video editing workstation
10. Part install boardroom presentation system

“Servicemax has become a true and trusted adviser,” says Peter Huxley, director of strategy and finance at Spinifex. “They are there when we need them and are able to consult and give accurate advice on any aspect of our systems. Spinifex has a reliable, enterprise class IT infrastructure that didn’t cost a bomb. Using Servicemax not only saves us from having a full-time IT person on staff but also saves us hours in lost production. Our team knows where to go to get something fixed – and it actually happens.”

We love working for Spinifex Communications, and if you think your company could benefit from some of that care, please contact us here.
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