About ServiceMax

ServiceMax is a boutique Apple sales and support company based in Sydney, Australia. We are the best team to support your Mac network.

My team have over 20 years experience in the sales and service of Apple computers, servers, networks and associated bits. We have experience right from the smallest  micro business right up to the largest network operation centres you can imagine.

Yes our geniuses (geneii? genies?) really can do it all.

Would you like to know who we’ve worked for in the past?

We have one of the top 20 qualified Mac techs in the country. You might have purchased your new Mac from an Apple Store. Maybe you’ve got some new software or hardware that your genius can’t help with. Maybe you don’t have time to book an appointment, wait in line or on the phone and be told they can’t help. Maybe you’d like someone to come to you. Maybe you’d like someone who is better than a chain store genius. Yes we do mundane things like upgrading RAM, hard drives, software and give great but totally biased advice. We know what works best. we provide enterprise class support for small business at cost effective prices.

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ph (02) 8197 0333