New Employee Setup

New Employee, adds, moves and changes
A copy of this form will be sent to you when you submit it, you don't need to print a copy.....
We will always try to get it done by your due date but under normal circumstances these can take 3 business days (not including holidays or weekends)
Name of person requesting the setup
email address of person making this request- please use your work email or your submission could be rejected!
If this setup is for a computer rather than a person, please use a descriptor for the computers function, i.e. Board Room
If we are using an existing computer, please tell us the name of the machine or the previous user
Do you needing data transferred to this machine?
Full name, with space and capitalisations e.g. Mickey Mouse
No spaces, no capitals eg. mmouse
Should we check if the printer driver is installed?
What software needs to be checked? Remember you might have to supply the discs and serial numbers.....
Please let us know here if there is anything else you need not covered in the above form
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