Free Network Analysis

$500 value? That sounds like a lot. Can you explain?
Yes. We know that we’re selling a specialist service, and although we know we are the best around we need to be able to prove it, hence our offer. It’s common for people to have used other services for years before coming to us- we’d like to take a shortcut and get you on board asap
But $500?
We need to send somebody onsite to do the analysis, and we’re not sending some kid who’s last job was at McDonalds. One hour travelling time, 45-90 minutes doing the survey, and a couple of hours to write up the report and analyse the data. Then another onsite to present the report and make recommendations. Even though we’re not charging for it, you’re getting a lot of value. It’s definitely worth $500
What if I don’t like what I see?
There is really no obligation. We don’t deserve to work with you in any capacity if we don’t earn it. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll ask for permission to keep you updated with emails. Maybe later you’ll need us. Sometimes the greatest working relationships start out like that……
What if you are too busy?
We’ll withdraw the offer when we get too busy. As you can appreciate, in a rapidly expanding business there are times when you just can’t do your job properly if you take on too much work. Our existing customers are our first priority, always. So please contact us now while the offer is still open!
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Mail on Mac OS Server v10.13.4

Posted by on Apr 13, 2018 in Security, Tips | 0 comments

I’ve been trying to get a new client on board and as part of that I’ve made a list of things that need to get fixed for that business to operate reliably. One of the dangerous things they are doing is running Mail Server on a Mac. This is about to become an unsupported config, so there is some urgency in getting a replacement service running. And of course the server was compromised, blacklisted and I’ve just spent nearly 3 days running around with my hair on fire. With most mail servers it’s a simple task to check the...

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Managing Mail Storage- cPanel

Posted by on Apr 4, 2018 in Tips | 0 comments

One common issue for clients is the limited amount of storage available with cPanel based hosting. However it isn’t really a problem if you learn how to manage it properly. This means you need to take action when you get one of those ‘Mailbox quota notification’ emails.   Retrieve Your Email Password (skip this step if you know your email password) You NEED to know your email address and password. Can’t remember your password? Go to Applications/ Utilities/ Keychain Access   Open Keychain Access Go to the search box at...

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Increasing Disk Space to a Mac VM in ESXi 6.5

Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in Tips | 0 comments

I typically allocate my Mac VM’s 40GB of drive space which is fine for most normal operations. Unfortunately I recently came across a situation where I needed more space for an existing VM. I knew that ESXi could do this, and I knew that Mac OS can do this, but could they do it together? Well…no. Sort of. But not really. Here’s the problem- you can shut down the VM, use VMWare Fusion (v10.11) to increase the virtual disk size, then boot the VM and Disk Utility will see the extra space. You then delete the free space and Disk...

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Cloudberry Fail

Posted by on Mar 6, 2018 in Reviews | 0 comments

One of the things that keeps us awake at nights is the fear that a ransomware attack will take out one or more of our clients. They don’t seem quite as worried as us, maybe because they have us to worry? But really the only sure fire way of having your backups safe from an encryption program that will attack your server is to have the backups not connected to your server, or not writable. This means that we have a strategy for some customers which involves connecting and disconnecting backup drives to the server, but that’s not...

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Pi-Hole on Synology in Docker

Posted by on Feb 4, 2018 in Reviews, Tips | 0 comments

This is just a short note on installing this. It is a very quick process, but it took me way longer than it should have because I misunderstood a couple of things.   Why? Pi-Hole is a very lightweight DNS server that you can place on your network. It will ignore calls to most advertising sites, effectively getting rid of advertisements. It’s great because it does not require anything installed on individual devices, works for your entire network and is simple to set up. Here’s a link to the Pi-Hole site I have plenty of spare...

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Upgrading Mac Server 10.8.5 to 10.13.1

Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in Tips | 0 comments

I recently had to upgrade a couple of servers running 10.8.5 to High Sierra. And found that it had to be done in stages- you can only go up 2 version of operating system at a time- try 3 and you’re SOL. but 10.8 to 10.13 is 5 versions of upgrade? So how did we do it?   Backup, Upgrade to Yosemite 10.10.5, then log in to App Store. Click ‘install’ for Server. It will ask if you want to download an older compatible version, say yes. Install, test. Backup Upgrade to Sierra 10.12.6. Install v5 and test. Backup Upgrade...

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Installing ESXi on a Mac- The Basics

Posted by on Dec 29, 2017 in Tips | 0 comments

I’ve written a number of other articles about ESXi, but I’m trying to deploy a 2013 Mac Pro into my lab and realised I was back to square one because I hadn’t documented the first, baby steps. So here we go- Download the latest .ISO from VMWare. You need to register to be able to do this Get 2x 8GB USB sticks, and format both to FAT32 using SDFormatter. One is for the installer .ISO and the other is your installation target- it will boot your host, leaving the internal drive available for VM storage. Use different brands if...

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Making a Digital Info Sign

Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Tips | 0 comments

My son has a habit of asking what’s on about 15 times day, and if that weren’t bad enough, he often comes into my office and uses my work computer to look at the calendar. Something had to be done. I’ve seen a lot of digital signage projects (and ‘magic mirror’ projects) on Reddit so I started planning. A Raspberry Pi would easily display the data, and I wondered if I could get a display with a built in USB port to make the wiring neat. It turns out you can, as long as you’re prepared to settle for a...

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Credit Card Payment Providers

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 in Opinion, Reviews | 0 comments

I’ve just spent some time comparing payment providers in an attempt to Get a better deal than I currently get from the bank reduce the ongoing costs from the bank Just to be clear, I’ve been using Xero for some time to do all of my invoicing (I moved over from Lightspeed because they started removing features from the software and tried to move me to their cloud hosted product which would have doubled my yearly spend) Obviously making it easy for your clients to pay your invoices has a lot of benefits for both you and your...

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How to Free up Space on Your Mac- 2017

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017 in News, Tips | 0 comments

This is one of the most popular posts we have, especially now that low capacity SSDs are everywhere. It’s been updated from the 2013 version to reflect the current state of play with tips for Sierra etc. Enjoy!   This article came about because of a client who is overseas. He wrote me an email saying that he couldn’t figure out where all of the space on his MacBook Air SSD had gone. This question doesn’t have a simple answer, so I’m writing this to help him, and everyone else out. Here’s the problem- There are...

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